U-TECHTM Nevos – low weight, high comfort and performance

With only 280 g (men‘s US 9.5) and 240 g (women’s shoe US 8.5), the Nevos is very lightweight. This is achieved by a material-conscious construction of the midsole and the brandnew U-TECHTM foam with a density of less than 0,20 g/cm3. Every gram counts considering that the foot has a weight of about 900 g. A standard running shoe increases the mass of a shod foot by 30 % and may significantly disturb the biomechanics of the foot and the entire leg.

A lower weight of the shoe decreases the muscle work required to lift the leg during swing and contributes – even if it is little in quantity – to a decreased demand of energy for a given running task. Even more important is the weight reduction and the proximal shift of the center of mass of the shod foot. Keeping the center of mass (of the shod foot) just a little closer to the joint center of the knee decreases the moment of inertia of the shank and the accelerated swing of the leg in each step expends less muscular work.

The most important advantage of a low-mass shoe appears to be at touch down. The lower the effective mass of foot and shoe, the lower is the relative impact energy and therefore the shock and the related vibration at footstrike.  The „softer“ and quiet landing is related to less vibration of muscles and soft tissue and is received as comfortable and enjoyable.  One can speculate that the decreased muscle vibration and the related damping has some impact on energy consumption.

It is a fact that the low weight of the Nevos makes running more comfortable and lighter, sometimes even like floating.