U-TECHTM foam – energy return?

To efficiently store and return energy in viscoelastic materials to enhance performance or facilitate the transition process, a sufficient amount of force to deform the material and the appropriate stiffness of the material is required.  In addition, the concept of energy return must meet four conditions: capacity to store enough strain energy, return of the stored strain energy at the right time, with the right frequency, and at the right location. The construction and the material of U-TECHTM fulfills all these prerequisites and allows the Nevos an efficient energy return just like a technically perfect trampoline. The forces acting at footstrike on U-TECHTM deform the U-TECHTM foam with more than 1.000 N (1,5 to 2-times bodyweight) about 10 mm within 50 ms. Thus up to 10 Joule of strain energy can be stored with every step. This strain energy is returned to the rearfoot in the following 50 ms with the perfect frequency and at the right location, namely the heel. The returned energy works on the rearfoot, lifts the rearfoot and dynamically supports the foot’s push-off. U-TECHTM foam has a unique energy return of more than 75 % and can help the runner in his/her dynamic transition. U-TECHTM foam dynamically supports push-off, accelerates the point of force application anterior and evokes a feeling of floating.