U-TECHTM technology – how does it work?

All forces acting on the foot when landing on the ground are filtered (centered) in the middle of the „U“ by the geometry of the U-shaped construction. Like in a mechanical spherical cap or a bowl all acting forces move to the center of the construction, and the force application point is in the center of U-TECHTMimmediately after the foot hits the ground. Thus, they act right underneath the ankle and knee joints and pass through the center of these joints. Forces that pass through joint centers create no lever arm and therefore do not generate harmful rotational motion. The innovative U-TECHTM technology thus avoids the cause of overpronation and excessive knee adduction as well as internal rotation and decremental joint loading.


U-TECHTM and U-TECHTM foam – why a new material?

U-TECHTM technology uses a soft and at the same time extremely responsive TPU foam. At footstrike U-TECHTM foam allows the rearfoot to sink almost 10 mm into the ring-like construction within the first 50 ms of ground contact and smoothly cushions the rotation of the rearfoot around its vertical axis. Thus the rearfoot is perfectly and smartly stabilized and the transition of the vertical axis rotation to the shank and finally to the knee is reduced. The deformation of the U-element stores strain energy and this energy is reutilized lifting the rearfoot as soon as the forefoot takes the load: energy return at the right location with the right frequency. With the unique U-TECHTM foam 75 % of the stored energy are reutilized. The foot receives dynamic support for transition and finally for a perfect ride.


U-TECHTM technology – why „U“ and not „O“?

During the stance phase in running the force application point moves from the heel to the forefoot and finally to the toes. To allow and support this functional movement technically and to center the force application point under the longitudinal midline of the foot during the entire stance, the rear U-TECH construction has an anterior opening. The U-shaped construction acts like a technical chute and allows the point of force application to travel smoothly yet centered underneath the longitudinal axis of the foot from the rearfoot to the forefoot.


U-TECHTM technology – copied from nature

In order to stabilize and control unstable joints, nature often uses soft tissue structures to surround and complete the bony joint partners. In the knee joint, menisci on the flat tibia plateau make the joint stable and allow to move the spherical femur bone in a nicely controlled manner. The thin heel bone is supported by a U-shaped fat pad that centers forces under the heel without applying high local stress and related strain to the bone.

Sometimes it helps to search in the most genius structure – the human body – for innovative technical solutions.