U-TECH Aion - Women
Black/Dark Shadow Grey/Peacock Blue
U-TECH Nevos - Women
Quiet Shade/Serenity/Met Sophie
U-TECH Nevos - Women
Black/Fiery Coral/Bluefish
U-TECH Nevos - Women
Scuba Blue/Strong Blue/Diva Pink

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The difference?

The U-TECH Nevos and the new U-TECH Aion are siblings.
Both are designed for many different runner types, runs, surfaces and distances.
Quick and crisp 5k-runs are just as well possible as long training runs and marathons.
For lightweights and somewhat heavier runners alike.
The main difference between the two models lies in the wearing and running sensation.


our wunderkind

The Aion is the Nevos' big brother (or big sister), and it is overall more comfortable and better cushioned. Perfectly tuned secure centering, divine cushioning, state-of-the-art comfort and truly a "feelgood" fit. Equipped with the latest technologies, materials, and construction methods, the Aion has been designed according to cutting-edge science and technology throughout.


our goldkind

Dynamically tuned running sensation and fit, explosive trampoline effect, physiological centering for support and natural stability.

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