What is the best combination of performance improvement and injury risk reduction in running? Finally – after more than 25 years of running shoe research and development – we found the answer: it is you! Inspired by evolution, our running shoes are based on the shape and function of human structures. The result: the revolutionary U-TECH™ technology. THE ANSWER IS U.

This is why you are the solution for the perfect running shoe

Over 100,000 years of evolution have produced a perfect system: the human body and its musculoskeletal system. An ingenious design protects it from harmful external forces. Biological structures are designed to be round and elastic – and that’s exactly what we’ve imitated. Because the solution for pain-free running is inside you: in the natural centering mechanism of your heel and knee. It is precisely this mechanism that helps to avoid a harmful tilting and twisting of the joints. Find out how we use this unique system for our biomechanically optimized running shoes.

Biomechanical research: pain-free running thanks to
U-TECH™ technology

We took a closer look at your heel – and found the answer in the form of a revolutionary running shoe technology: U-TECHTM technology, the heart of our innovative midsole construction. It centers forces for all runners. Thus, it addresses the cause of non-physiological stress and prevents running-induced problems from developing in the first place. Learn how this works.

Our technologies: the building blocks of True Motion running shoes

We joined forces to develop a perfect and state-of-the-art running shoe, both scientifically and technically. With decades of experience in the development of running shoes, we know a lot about construction, craftsmanship and design. The result: innovative running shoes, developed in Germany. Learn more about the different building blocks of our unique soles.

Research and Development: scientifically validated technologies

Almost 100 % of our technology is derived from scientific findings and biomechanical research. Prof. Dr. Gert-Peter Brüggemann, head of the Institute for Biomechanics and Orthopedics at the German Sports University Cologne for decades, is largely responsible for this. Over the past 25 years, he has been part of numerous innovative running shoe developments – and thus a sought-after expert among the giants of the industry.

Studies show: U-TECH™ is superior to leading running shoes

Center your run – with the new U-TECH™ technology, our running shoes center your point of force application when you run. This has been shown in an extensive study. Our running shoes outperform leading running shoes thanks to our innovative sole construction. This was proven by more than 1.3 million data points.

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