We combined our strengths and forces
to center yours.
Center your run. 
True Motion Gründer: Christian, Andre und Peter.

Andre, why would you – after spearheading product creation at leading running brands for 25 years – want to take on Goliath and create your own shoe?

When I was 16 years old I started to sell running shoes in a running store in our town after school. Ever since, I had a dream: I wanted to build running shoes myself. After studying sports science in Cologne, graduating in Biomechanics and taking on several positions at big running companies, my family and I moved to Beaverton in the US in 2003. There, I could finally live my dream and build running shoes that delighted millions of runners.

My professional career went great, and I am incredibly grateful for that, but in the end my dream remained the same and my curiosity about the best running shoe imaginable was never satisfied. My job increasingly revolved around other things, and in order to be able to put 100% of my ideas and my energy into the quest for the best running shoe, I decided to found my own running brand together with Peter and Christian. It feels incredibly liberating and pure, a real sensation of happiness.

And I hope that runners will feel this enthusiasm as well – on their feet, during their run that they can hopefully enjoy even more wearing our shoes. 

Happy runners – that is my biggest motivation, that is what drives me.


"Our passion is the complex science of human motion and running shoe creation."

Peter, to what extent did your groundbreaking biomechanical research impact your own baby – the U-TECH Nevos?

The technology of the U-TECH Nevos is almost 100% derived from scientific insights and biomechanical research. 

Every element of the midsole – the core of the Nevos – is scientifically substantiated and based on biomechanical results. 

The U-TECH™ technology allows counteracting the biomechanical causes of overly tilting and rotating the ankle joints and, even more so, the knee joints.

By centering the forces that impact the foot while running under the heel like a mechanical pad right when the foot hits the ground, unfavorable lateral torsional forces on ankle and knee joint are successfully reduced. The corresponding construction of the midsole’s front part makes it possible to center the force application point throughout the entire stance phase and predominantly when the joints are most stressed, and unfavorable rotational forces can be avoided.

With the Nevos, we have come closer to a biomechanical dream, and we linked injury prevention with improved performance. The mechanical stress on the runner’s sensitive knee joint can be reduced and at the same time performance improves since unnecessary lateral muscle work is avoided which makes the run more efficient.

It is a huge step for me to incorporate the results of many studies and biomechanical research projects consistently and without compromises into the best technology possible for the runner. 

Thus I am thrilled that I can contribute to many of our runners having an even more light-footed and happier running experience in the U-TECH Nevos.

Christian, what motivates you to embark on the adventure of „founding a running shoe brand“ and quitting your job as a financial consultant?

For years, running has been an absolute passion of mine and for a long time also a perfect offset to my professional life. I have always dreamed about professionally engaging in one of my personal passions.

And I have always felt the urge to break free from the corporate world and to do my own thing.

After having had the opportunity to philosophize with Peter and Andre about a new running shoe concept, it soon became clear that my business experience was a very good and necessary complement to their incredible running shoe expertise if we wanted to realize our dream.

The utter conviction to be able to launch a revolutionary shoe led to the foundation of True Motion. I am now absolutely excited to take our enthusiasm to the street. 

The idea of meeting a happy runner wearing the U-TECH Nevos drives and motivates me enormously. 


True Motion Laufschuhe in Weiß.
True Motion Aion Damen Laufschuh in Weiß.
True Motion Laufschuhe in Weiß.